Kyle Walker Pro Review

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Kyle Walker Pro Review

Years and years of perfecting vulcanized shoes gave Vans a unique advantage in creating a vulc/cupsole hybrid, and if you can trust any company to do this in full service to skateboarding, it’s Vans. The question at hand is this: Is the Kyle Walker pro model the ultimate culmination of Vans perfecting this technology over the last couple of years?

The answer to that question is: Yes.

Anyone with a few years of skating under their belt has come to appreciate both the vulcanized grip and supportive aspects of a cupsole. It’s common for skateboarders worldwide to sacrifice one for the other, and there’s never quite been a perfect medium in a single shoe – until now.

The Kyle Walker pros do a great job of walking a fine line in skate footwear, giving off superior cushioning all while maintaining that perfect vulcanized feel that you know and love from Vans. Kyle Walker’s debut pro model has the cushioning and technology of an airbag shoe without the overly technical look that can deter many from clicking the purchase button. This is it’s strongest feature, as it mends the worlds of old and new by providing a modernized aesthetic while simultaneously featuring some of the best protection from skateboarding’s past. If that weren’t enough to sway you, Vans’ Duracap technology is featured throughout the interior of the toe to guarantee a long lasting experience in the Kwalks.

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