Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic

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Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic

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CBRM Recreation and Ollie Around will take to the waves this October for the inaugural Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic. The competition will take place between October 1st to 13th at Schooner Pond Cove in Donkin when the waves are just right. Official updates will take place at

Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic has a grand prize of $2,000 cash, while runner up prizes come from surf sponsors Billabong, Sexwax, Xcel, and FCS. Kameron Collieries is also a proud supporter of the competition, taking place off the coast of their land at the Donkin Mine site. Registration begins September 21st at Ollie Around and, with a cash fee of $25 due the day of the event.

Spectators are welcome, with an amazing viewing area and exciting atmosphere on site. The site is located at Schooner Pond Cove, where Donkin Highway and Long Island Road intersect.