KOTH 2K18 - "No Snow Edition"

For 2018 we have decided to take a fresh approach at the funnest snowboard event of the year. In an effort to lighten the load, instead of collecting footage over a period of time and putting it all together for a final video to be scored we are running the contest direct to Instagram. What this means is your challenges are going to be posted direct to your Instagram account, with the appropriate hashtags & caption, at anytime within the allotted contest period. A post can be made for every single challenge on the list or you can group multiple challenges together in one or more posts from anyone on your team, the decision is yours. Just be sure to INCLUDE the correct tags and caption on each post.

After the dust settles we'll put all the clips together into one epic video. Wednesday March 21st 6:00pm the video will be played at the shop and we will be announcing the overall winners and some best of's

Contest dates: March 10th – 18th 2018

Awards: Wed March 21st , 6:00PM, Ollie Around Sydney River


Read the new rules carefully below.

How to register:

Registration is simple and FREE. Start a group chat on Instagram with your team mates & Ollie Around. We will send you the challenge list on the day of the contest. 

Example caption:

@snowboarder1 “Pulled Beef” & “The Hot Dog” #KOTH2K18 #TEAMNAME @olliearound


  1. You must register your team, your team must have name, & your team name is to be included in the caption or hashtags of the post to get the points for that post.
  2. Use the hashtag #KOTH2K18
  3. The caption of the post MUST include the challenge(s) being completed
  4. @olliearound must be tagged in all challenges posted
  5. Anyone on your team can post the challenges as long as the correct caption and hashtags have been used
  6. In the event of a tie challenges will be judged on quality of the challenge / clip. Make them look good and stomp it.
  7. “Does this count” .. The challenge will count if it is completed in ANY context. unless it clearly states in the challenge that you cannot do something, you can.
  8. Contest will be judged on Monday March 19th on the clips that are available to view THEN