Bataleon Disaster Snowboard, 156W

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For riders into freestyle chaos, mayhem, and general lawlessness, the Bataleon Disaster Snowboard is the tool for the job. This is a soft-flexing park board that combines subtle positive camber with a 3D base to give you pop, catch-free slides, and a super fun ride. As easy as this board is to get on edge, it's just as strong holding on to it. On the Disaster, you can achieve perfect disorder in the air, and flawless control in the landing.

Low Camber

3BT™ (Triple Base Technology) with SideKick™All Bataleon boards feature tip to tail positive camber in combination with lifted sidebase contact points. SideKick™ Tips enhance 3BT’s advantages like nothing you experienced before by dramatically increasing the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.