Rome 390 Boss Binding

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The fully redesigned 390 Boss is a freestyle workhorse of a binding. This tried and true binding gets a new highback, new FullWrap platform and the super-tweakable PureFlex ankle strap. Park rats take notice, everything just got easier.


Flex Rating - Medium


30% Glass, 70% Nylon

V-Rod Baseplate – the V-Rod Baseplate maintains a powerful connection between your big toe and the lateral side of your heel.

Full Wrap Chassis - Redesigned, recalibrated and reenergized, our FullWrap
platform is pure power and maximum energy transfer. The all-new FullWrap platform is a sturdy, bombproof chassis that loves to send it.


100% Nylon

Full Highback Rotation – Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so that it is in line with the heel edge of their board. This is critical for people with different stance angles to put their highback power where they need it for proper heelside response.


Pureflex Ankle Strap - Built with maximum coring and minimally styled, this ankle strap is medium flexing and built to tweak

Puregrip Toe Strap - Built for foolproof simplicity, this minimalist styled toe strap has
maximum coring for a lightweight and versatile design.